Distribution | Warehousing | Containerization

A View to the East Terrace is the supply and service centre for the 65,000 residents of Northwest BC. Located at the junction of the Trans Canada Highway 16 and Provincial Highway 37, Terrace is an important hub of activity.
The rail line runs through the City and has brought goods and services to the communities in the Northwest and beyond since the community’s inception.

Realized developments in secondary manufacturing throughout the region from Burns Lake through to Terrace requiring containerization will need to be properly packaged and prepared for loading at the container facility in Prince Rupert.

Add to this the likelihood of a break-bulk facility being developed in Kitimat.

Distribution | Warehousing | Containerization Developing a distribution and warehousing business in Terrace, to receive and store imports and to store and containerize exports, has great potential. The well-developed trucking sector in the area would also provide an additional component to this business.

Warehousing and distribution requires significantly sized buildings and tracts of lands. This is abundantly available in the region. Some existing buildings may be easily and quickly converted to meet the needs of such a development.