Terrace Valley

The Kitimat Terrace Valley Welcomes You!

The Kitimat Terrace Valley is located on the Trans Canada Yellowhead Highway 16 covering the area from the City of Terrace and south on provincial Highway 37 to the Port of Kitimat. Terrace is located 147 km east of Prince Rupert and 573 km west of Prince George. The Port of Kitimat is 55 km south of Terrace.

Distances Road Air Water
Prince George, BC 573 km 391 km
Stewart, BC 312 km
Vancouver, BC 1,410 km 641 km 427 km
Calgary, Alberta 1,416 km 1009 km
Edmonton, Alberta 1,370 km 995 km
Seattle, Washington 1,527 km 824 km 533 km
Hong Kong, China 8,250 km 5,431 km
Shanghai, China 9,709 km 4,794 km
Toyko, Japan 10,929 km 3,934 km

Major highways and railroads in the province come to the junction at Terrace. The area is a service centre for a resident regional population of approximately 58,000 with both communities being important gateways: Terrace being the gateway of British Columbia’s northwest and the Port of Kitimat the gateway to the Pacific Rim. This proximity to the growing economies in Asia, yet still being a rural location, gives investors to the Kitimat Terrace Valley the best of both worlds.

The K.T. Industrial Development Society (KTIDS) and both communities are eager and open for business. There is a strong industrial foundation and an eager workforce. The long-term history and presence of Rio Tinto Alcan has shaped the industrial capability of Kitimat and along with Eurocan Pulp and Paper Co., A Division of West Fraser Mills, it is a community that has been built by industry for industry. Terrace has evolved to become an important service hub for the area, providing retail, government services, education and support businesses. Both communities offer access to the mountains and rivers in the northwest along with an affordable and quality lifestyle.

The area is replete with investment opportunities from light industry to port development, from support services to accommodation. The largest tract of undeveloped foreshore in BC awaits investment. The area’s access to an incredible natural land base and key economic markets in Asia offer any investor a myriad of options. The only limitation is your imagination.

Supportive, talented communities and labour forces await interested investors.

Reasons to Locate Your Business Here

Why the Kitimat Terrace Valley?

  • Economically priced development land stretching into the BC interior
  • Advantageous fast transportation links with the Canadian and American inland markets, as well as the Pacific Rim and North American west coast markets.
  • Year-round, ice-free, deep-water private Port of Kitimat unencumbered by government control and close proximity to the container facility at the Port of Prince Rupert
  • Existing heavy-industry infrastructure that has already made it the port of choice for some 10 to 12 per cent of BC’s Provincial Manufacturing GDP
  • High pressure, natural gas pipeline service, and regional basin capacity to expand Kitimat Terrace Valley Industries
  • Access to natural resources
  • Well-developed business infrastructure and community
  • Exceptional lifestyle opportunities for residents including a diversified scenic environment
  • Specialized industrial training and education facilities
  • Highly trained and technologically experienced workforce
  • Positive investment climate

Why British Columbia?

  • Comprehensive business infrastructure including state-of-the-art communications
  • Superior quality of life attracts and keeps young, well-educated, workers
  • Lower total business costs and tax burdens than the United States, particularly for high-tech and manufacturing companies
  • Moderate climate
  • A supportive regional government committed to enhancing business opportunities

Why Canada?

  • A growing, diversifying economy – one of the strongest amongst the G-8 nations
  • One of the lowest inflation rates in the world
  • Canada is consistently rated as one of the best countries in the world in which to invest, to do business in, and in which to live
  • Excellent working and business environment

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