Economic and Industrial Development Survey
Detailed Research Report June 2007

Overall Discoveries

  • Overall, the study reveals a moderately positive and optimistic community that is very supportive of current and new economic/industrial development initiatives.
  • Indeed, there is a demand amongst the public for additional economic development initiatives.


  • The community is moderately positive and optimistic in their outlook on their personal finances, the region’s economy, and their overall quality of life (in general and in comparison to other communities in British Columbia).

Economic Development

  • The public expresses strong support and demand for increased economic and industrial development initiatives in general, and across a variety of tested initiatives.
  • There is little-to-no NIMBY potential across the tested initiatives / sectors… except for the oil/gas sector, which generates relatively intense minority opposition that may pose a problem for development in this area.
  • There is strong and widespread support for Alcan and its current modernization/expansion proposal, largely due to the perception of the positive impact it will have upon jobs and economic stability in the region.


  • The Society records somewhat low awareness levels, but enjoys positive impression ratings among those who are aware.
  • Low awareness is not an impediment for KTIDS activity; there is strong support for KTIDS’ mandate and proposed initiatives.
  • For example, a majority of residents strongly approve of KTIDS’ partnership with Haisla and Alcan to build a break bulk port in Kitimat.
  • Call to action: Although there is no consensus for KTIDS’ top priority, moving forward with a combination of clean smelters in the valley, the break bulk port in Kitimat and mining activities would satisfy most residents.