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As the projects coming to fruition in Kitimat, such as the Alcan modernization, Cascadia and Kitimat LNG terminal development, step up their pace for construction, the population in the area will be on the rise.

Support Services Development Kitimat needs more temporary accommodation (hotels and resorts) to meet the needs of visitors and construction crews associated with these projects. Both communities have affordable homes that could be purchased, upgraded and resold. The availability of homes in the $200,000 range is limited. There is room for further construction. Houses have gone up in value over the last couple of years after having experienced a long-term decline.

In addition, the area has seen an increase in retirees coming from Alberta or the southern mainland, to settle in these communities with the ability to live a quality life at a lower cost.

Kitimat has an ideal central location that would lend itself to a hotel chain development. A couple of hotel companies have been considering the development but nothing is concrete at this time.

With the increase in activity and population, there will be the associated need for more retail, restaurants and nightclubs to service the population.

In turn, these developments require building contractors, construction crews, carpenters and trades.

Entering the fold early in the game will result in better returns in the long run.