Port development

The Port of Kitimat has the largest foreshore available of any port on the West Coast. The need for a private port unencumbered by government control, will provide the infrastructure necessary to service those investors interested in developing manufacturing opportunities.

Kitimat Port Concept The terminals available currently at the Port of Kitimat are privately owned and the facilities are purpose specific and will likely have to be adapted to permit other uses.

Possibilities currently available at the Port of Kitimat include:

  • Up to 2 million tonnes per year of break bulk cargo
  • Up to 3 million tonnes per year of bulk cargo
  • Space for up to 8 new deep sea berths
  • Space for 100,000 m2 of warehouse space
  • Open space for 40,000 tonnes of steel imports
  • Space for up to 180,000 tonnes of pellet storage
  • Space for up to 500,000 tonnes of concentrate and aggregates storage

Possible areas of expansion are:

  • Add warehouses and one new berth
  • Add two berths and warehouses on Alcan Yacht Club site
  • Add two berths and pellet silos at Alcan wharf
  • In future, add a bulk berth

A break-bulk facility should be able to accommodate:

  • Forest products
  • Steel, construction equipment
  • Pipe
  • Automobiles
  • Mineral concentrates

The importance of such a terminal is that it would be able to accommodate different needs by different companies and with relatively little effort, adjust the facility to meet those needs. The port is ice-free year round and the Douglas Channel is well protected for passage.

Competitive Advantages For Investors / Strategic Partners

  • Fastest, shortest, straightest, flattest route between Asia and North American Markets
  • Manufacturing cluster serving global markets
  • Strong economic performance
  • 1 of 2 large tidewater valleys in B.C.
  • Quality of life offered in the Kitimat-Terrace Valley
  • Unrealized industrial development opportunities
  • Closest inland port and intercontinental transport: Chicago by CN Rail competitive to Vancouver-Chicago
  • Supportive business climate