Oil And Gas Development

A liquid natural gas (LNG) terminal is being built in Kitimat and Encana has been importing diluent through the Methanex facility. Additionally, two companies, Pempina and Enbridge, have been investigating bitumen pipeline opportunities (Enbridge) and condensate import facilities (both).

It is more than likely some of these oil and gas opportunities will come to fruition in the Kitimat-Terrace Valley. The range of opportunities associated with both activities includes: supply logistics, catering, management, and a wide variety of technical support activities.

Specifically opportunities include:

  • Welding, logistics support centre for materials consumed by drilling rigs, such as mud chemicals, cement, steel tubulars, well-head equipment and drill bits;
  • Machine ship and electrical/electronic support;
  • Catering and hospitality crews;
  • Staging post for specialist service companies;
  • Staging for offshore construction personnel;
  • Support temporary offshore accommodation;
  • Machine shop support;
  • Onshore construction facilities.

With the other energy projects underway and coming to fruition, these opportunities already have merit. Although need may not be as strong at the present moment, a company positioning itself now, to edge into the fold with the current needs, will be well prepared to pick up the pace once the opportunity presents itself.
The Valley is a perfect staging area for all new industry and in particular oil and gas. The knowledge base in the area in the energy sector is sophisticated and significant.

Terrace has decades of experience as a regional supply hub and is working hard to continue to evolve and mature in this area.

  • Numerous energy projects underway or coming to fruition offer an opportunity to start small and get in at the beginning
  • The District of Kitimat is working hard to realize energy projects
  • Lots of available industrial and commercial space
  • Technical educational facilities through NWCC and KVI to offer the necessary training for employees
  • Experienced, qualified trades and a vibrant labour force
  • Affordable housing is plentiful
  • Proximity to a variety of transportation routes