Secondary Aluminium Manufacturing and other Refinery/Rendering Industries

Alcan as a source of aluminium, can provide material to a rendering plant that uses aluminium to make its main components. With Alcan’s modernization, a partnership with a secondary aluminium manufacturing plan is natural. Detailed information on Alcan and its modernization can be found at .
Secondary Aluminium Manufacturing and other Refinery/Rendering Industries Additionally, mining activity has increased in BC over the past 5 years and significant mining occurs in the area. Currently, most mining companies refine onsite and/or truck their materials to the Port of Vancouver. The development of a copper smelter in the region has been discussed by economic development authorities.

Aggregates and some wood pellets are captive to the Kitimat-Terrace Valley. However aggregates and wood pellets are low value commodities that require very efficient low cost export systems. Regardless, Cascadia Materials Inc. has been able to realize an opportunity in aggregates.

Wood pellets are an opportunity where the raw resource is abundant in the region due to beetle-kill wood. Pacific BioEnergy Corporation, Alcan, KTIDS, and the Haisla First Nation have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to explore the feasibility of bringing a new wood pellet operation for clean fuel for large industrial customers to Northwest British Columbia. Petro-chemical related products are also highly feasible.

Educational facilities cater to the type of workforce necessary for refining and rendering.

Upcoming projects and existing infrastructure support refining and rendering type developments.